The Handicap Committee have been hard at work capturing all scores and ensuring that we have enough data to be accurate in the Stroking of the course.  The following has been captured and taken into account.

  • Overall statistics based on 3393 club competition rounds (Dec 2019 to Jan 2023) with scores for each hole.
  • Statistics have also been filtered for Male (2505) & Female (888) and handicap ranges.

The Stroke Index Guidelines as recommended by the World Handicap System:

1.Uneven stroke indexes on the front 9, even stroke indexes on the back 9 (You cannot mix them between 9’s)
2.Each segment of 3 holes should add to 27 on the front 9 and 30 on the back 9.
3.Use WHS formula for ranking of the holes.|
4.Allocate the SI based on the WHS guideline for triads.
5.Strokes 1 through 4 should not be on the 1st 3 holes or last 3 holes.
6.Try to allocate lowest possible stroke indexes to the most difficult hole in segment, while still keeping the above guidelines in mind.
7.A small variance from the segment totals is permissible IF there is an imbalance in a segment (Example: 2 Par 3’s or 2 Par 5’s)

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